Balzac's Log, Entry #3
Balzac's Log, 3rd Entry

We all woke up late the next morning, and hurriedly gathered our things to head off to the train. I nearly fell to my doom as we ran down the stairs leaving the inn. Uther led the group and Thog remained in the back. We got to the station with a minute to spare, and the brass beast now lay before us. I wasn’t so sure anymore, “Are you sure it’s safe to get on this thing?” Uther just shouted back, “GET ON!” and so I quickly allowed myself to step onto the levitating train. The inside was extremely decorated; the chairs were comfortable beyond belief, the tables were solid brass with marble tops, and the windows were impeccably clean. Uther looked around as well, “Is that, a buffet?” He hurried towards the food and Thog followed closely behind him. I just sat down in my seat. Suddenly, a dark form manifested in the seat next to me on my right. “You’ve made it this far, good.” I barely stirred, “Hello, Wanderer. How are you?” He wasn’t listening, instead, he was looking out of the window, “I remember riding on the very first trains long ago; they were much less comfortable than this. It wasn’t as though they had…” He kept rambling on and on, and I decided to sleep.

We arrived at the station and departed from the train. There was a man in leather armor with a sign that read, “Balzac and Company”. I turned to face Uther and Thog (The wanderer had disappeared again), “Uther, do you think that’s our guide?” Uther looked amused, “How many other Balzac’s do you know?” It was a fair point. The tall, burly human saw us approach him, “You Balzac?” I nodded, “Hell of a name! Hell of a name. I’m Jim, nice to meet you.” He thrust his hand forward so quickly that it looked as though he wanted to rip my entrails out. I meekly took it and he furiously shoot my hand. “I’ll be taking you guys to the small town where you’ll gather information on the ruins. Then I’ll be staying there until you guys return.” Uther stepped forward, “Sounds great. Let’s go.”

We traveled for two days until we got to the villa. The guide left us at the town square. We’d have to ask around if we wanted any details on the ruins. Uther was sent out to find out what he could, and Thog took our extra bags to an inn. I decided to go to the inn and sleep until Uther got back with our details.

Balzac's Log, Entry #2
Balzac's Log, 2nd Entry

Our band of misfits went West early in the morning to look for jobs in Sentriol. We arrived in the late afternoon and stood in wonder as we looked all around us at the suspended buildings and blimps. Almost every building hovered above the earth and the blimps were at heights not feasible to the common mind. An ear piercing hiss resounded from a large brass tube with doors on it. It had its own building and seemed to also levitate. People were walking onto it and sitting. The building was now empty. Then, it moved. “What the hell is that?” Uther glanced back, “It’s called a ‘train’. You know, for someone as smart as you claim to be, you really are easily amused.” I simply stared at the departing “train”. We wandered over to the city’s main square and looked for a job posting board. We finally located it next to a tavern. There were two postings, one was for the retrieval of someone’s lost cat, and the other was a colorful poster that promised adventure and “Treasure beyond your wildest dreams”. There was a small illustration of two cartoon-ish characters skipping happily into a cave. Thog suddenly spoke up, “THOG LOVE KITTY!” It was quite frightening. Uther calmed him down, “No, Thog, we’re taking the other one because it pays more.” Thog slumped over, “Aww, Thog sad…” And so, we set off to the listed address to accept the job.

We arrived at the address to find a large, elaborate mansion. Gold spirals adorned corners of windows and green magitek-enforced brick walls. Huge columns towered over the entrance, and we approached the front door. I noticed the small bell cord and tugged on it. The bell rang and a butler appeared, “What business do you ruffian have at such an estate as Huvering Heights?” We stood awkwardly for a moment before I responded, “We’re here to accept the job offer you posted on the job bulletin.” It was more an inquiry than a statement. The butler eyed us for a moment, “I see… Very well, I suppose you’ll have to do. Follow me.” He retreated into the mansion and we stepped in soon after.

As we entered the mansion, there were two giant marble staircases that led into a balcony which hung over the hall to the kitchen. The rooms upstairs were the sleeping quarters, to our left was the dining hall, and to our immediate right was a large office that was full of shelves with various books and accounts. The walls inside the office were white, and on the right side opposite the book cases, two tall bay windows with gold frames and green curtains, almost blocked entirely by stacks of scrolls and other miscellaneous office supplies, were drawn open to let in what little light could get through. As we stepped into the office, a disheveled but nonetheless aristocratic gentleman raised his head from a monetary report on his desk. “What are these that you have brought to me?” The butler straightened his posture, “They’ve come to accept your posting, sir.” The man behind the desk sat only slightly straighter as he inquired our names. I had pondered briefly whether or not to present myself as humble, but decided to go ahead and give my future title. “I,” I paused for effect, “am the Great and Powerful Balzac.” I gave a slight bow to take the edge off of my boastful introduction. The man sat still for a moment, then stood and inquired, “A peculiar name. Tell me, what guild or authority has issued you this title of, ‘Great’, and ‘Powerful’?” I hadn’t quite planned for that. I cleared my throat, “I work under no title but my own.” The man seemed unimpressed, “Well, you’ll work under me as ‘The Great and Arrogant Balzac’.” He turned to his next hopeful employee, “Who are you?” Uther provided as much enthusiasm as he received, “I am Uther, Uther Lightbringer.” Then he nodded towards Thog, “He’s Thog, but he’s not much for speaking.” The man sat back down and pulled out three envelopes with tickets in them, “The details are as follows: Tomorrow morning you’ll take the train to Keyrol. Once you arrive, I’ll arrange for a guide to escort you into town. Near the town are some ancient ruins. I need you three” he pointed and paused briefly to assure he was understood, “to go into those ruins and find evidence that suggest that magitek was used far before our time.” He stopped and thought for a moment before adding, “The more resources you bring, the more you get paid. The base payment is 300 gold. Now, go.” The butler swiftly moved to escort us out, and it was at this time that I noticed the strangeness of our employer’s request. He had said “you three”, but weren’t there four of us? I quickly glanced around to look for The Wanderer, but he was nowhere to be seen. I wondered if he had entered the mansion at all.

Uther, Thog, and I decided we should get our rest, and headed to an inn for the night. Tomorrow, finally, our journey would begin.

Balzac's Log, Entry #1
Balzac's Log, 1st Entry

Lilith and I neared the edge of the woods, the sun was setting, and a campsite came into view. Two figures were standing around the fire that lay just outside of the forest. One was a short, odd little Dwarf. The other was a strong-looking Half-Orc, who seemed rather dull. I was now standing just outside the forest, when I turned to ask Lillith if these were the people we were supposed to meet. She wasn’t there. In fact, it was almost as if she never existed. Instead, there was a man trying to stay hidden in some bushes forty feet away. He wore a black cloak, and he seemed to be watching us. I wasn’t going to just let him stay there without me doing anything, so I cast a sleep spell on him. At first, he tried to resist it, but he gave in quite quickly. I motioned towards the Half-Orc, “Hey, could you help me over here?” He clumsily stomped over and held the mysterious man’s arms and legs while I tied them with some rope. Of course, the Dwarf soon followed, “What’s going on over here?” I turned to face him after standing up, “This man was watching us from these bushes!” The Dwarf look disinterested “Hmph, is that so?” The perpetrator suddenly became conscious as he sputtered out “Why have you done this? I only mean to assist you.” His skin was black as night, and seemed to pulsate with darkness. I realized this was no ordinary being. “What are you?” I stared in anticipation, eager to learn of this unknown force that stand before me. “I go by many names, but most call me the Wanderer. I am not a being as far as the inhabitants of this plain are concerned, but a manifestation of darkness as it is perceived in this realm. I’ve only recently come to use this humanoid form, but of course, recent is relative to an eternity of existence.” By time he had finished his explanation, he had phased out of and around the ropes. They passed through his arms and legs and fell to the ground, useless. The only things I knew of this “Wanderer” were less-than-credible stories from travelers that had passed through The Middle. The Wanderer looked up, as though he had remembered something, “You don’t know it yet, but you three have a journey of great importance ahead of you. It is imperative that you are successful in your quest. Because of this, I shall be accompanying you until the deed is done.” He seemed to be content enough to remain silent, and so we all returned to the campfire.

I figured that I would go ahead and get my name out of the way, so I turned to the Dwarf and spoke, “I’m Balzac, by the way.” The Dwarf was not amused, “You think that’s funny?” “No,” I replied, “it’s just unfortunate.” His face betrayed the slightest smirk, “I’m Uther, Uther Lightbringer. That’s Thog, he’s not much for words, but he’s good with a sword.” Thog just grunted in agreement. “I was actually led here by another Half-Elf named Lilith, do you know her?” His smirk widened ever-so-slightly, “Yeah, we know her. Did she do her disappearing thing again?” He laughed as my face answered his question, “Don’t worry, she’ll be back.” I wasn’t so sure she’d left by her own power, it was far too sudden, even for a rouge of her skill. It was decided that I would stay awake and watch the site for any potential threats while Uther and Thog slept. It would then be Uther’s turn later, and finally Thog’s.

I waited for Uther and Thog to fall asleep before I went over to investigate the spot where Lilith had been. The Wanderer, who had been sitting cross-legged in a sort of stasis for the entire evening, decided now would be a good time to scare me out of my wits. “Don’t worry, she’s safe.” I nearly jumped twenty feet at the sudden sound of his voice, he barely seemed to notice. “I know of the people who took her, but I do not know where they’ve taken her.” I knelt down and looked closer at the ground where she stood, there was a small pile of white ashes. I carefully gathered them up and put them in my bag. Soon afterwards, Uther woke up, and we switched places. I fell asleep quickly to the sound of my green snoring tent-mate. Tomorrow, my journey would begin.

Balzac's Log: Prologue (Part Three)
Balzac, Prologue (pt. 3)

I think I’ve found an adventure to embark upon, Journal.

I was hiking through a densely wooded area, but soon found myself to be quite lost. It wasn’t as though I was going anywhere specifically, but it had become increasingly obvious that I’d started to make circles in my path. Certainly I could have easily remedied the issue by making small indicative marks every few meters, but I was exhausted from walking all day. So, I decided it was time to take a short nap.

When I woke up, I saw another Half-Elf like myself relaxing to my right on the bough of a large tree. My vision focused more, and I noticed she was eating something. Then it dawned on me: “HEY! THAT’S MY LUNCH!” She barely seemed to take notice of my objection as she ate the last bite. “Hi,” she replied, “I’m watching your ass, because you thought it’d be a great idea to sleep near a well-traveled road.” She casually slipped off of the branch and landed before me, “Aren’t you going to thank me for saving your life?” she asked. “You ATE MY LUNCH!” I was furious. Again, she hardly even acknowledged my pitiful outcry of frustration. She sighed, “Whatever, I’m Lilith.” she extended her hand, I shook it, “I’m Balzac, and I’m still mad about my lu-” I barely got the words out before she burst into laughter, “BALZAC?!? YOUR NAME IS BAL-ZAC?!?” She nearly collapsed as she shook with laughter. I waited for her to calm down and gathered my belongings. She finally returned to her previous demeanor, though now with a dazzling smile, “Well, Balzac, I’m heading off to meet some people just outside these woods. Would you like to join me?” She waited intently for my reply, “Alright, but only if I get to practice my magic along the way.” Her expression changed to one of curious amusement, “A wizard, eh?” And we chatted aimlessly while she led me out of the forest.

Bazac's Log: Prologue (Part Two)
Balzac, Prologue (pt. 2)

You might not believe me Journal, but Goblins aren’t so bad once you get to know them.

Last night, as I was looking for a place to sleep, I happened to come across a small party of Goblins. They had set up a campsite and had plenty of food, and they all seemed quite happy. When I approached them, the nearest one took hold of his bow and aimed at me. “Wait!” I exclaimed. Normally, a Goblin would probably have just shot me and looted my corpse of its belongings, but I spoke their language. The one with the bow stopped, asking “You speak Goblin?”. “Of course,” said I, “don’t you know who I am?”. I knew they didn’t know, but I figured they’d be easy to teach. I was met with blank expressions of anticipation. “I, am the Great and Powerful Balzac!” I reached into the heavens and made a small light show with some simple magic. Their faces changed into false recognition and true wonderment. Being Goblins, they didn’t really know what to say next, so I took the initiative. “May I join you for the evening?” They waited, I waited. Finally, one of the fatter ones spoke up, “Okay, but you can’t sleep in our tents!” We all laughed, and I sat at their fire.

The night went on, with stories told of many battles. Some were so gruesome that I had to stop eating for a while. I learned that they were of the Mosswood tribe, and had been sent to retrieve another party that had become lost in this area. It came to be my turn and I decided to tell the story of the Goblins’ creation, of the four Goblin Hero-Gods and their exchange of loyalty to Lamashtu for their own realm in the Abyss.

By time I finished my story, the majority of the party had fallen asleep. I decided it would be best to also call it a night. I was certain that tomorrow would be an eventful day.

[OoC] Hello!

Hey, I figured maybe a little introduction might be in order, so…

Hi! I’m Kosta, and I’ll be playing as “Balzac”. This is only my second time playing Dungeons and Dragons, but I’m well-seasoned in other branches of “Things that are nerdy but totally awesome”. Things like Magic [the Gathering], Dune, Star Trek (I’m typing this while watching some of the “Borg Fan Collective”), video games (old or new), Japanese… stuff (anime, manga, I’m learning Japanese for fun), automotive repairs, household repairs, building robots for the FIRST Robotics Competition (pretty much anything with tools), and reading [ba-dum, tish]. I say “reading” jokingly, but it’s what I want to focus on.

I’m in an AP Language class. Which might not mean much, but it probably means I read. And yeah, I read. I can sit down and read 500 pages in a day, but I usually don’t. Over last summer break, I read twenty-five books. And over winter break, I read nine books. So I kind of like to read.

Obviously, this makes me an excellent choice as the “logger” of this Campaign (as well as the wizard). I hope you all enjoy my posts as “Balzac”. I’ll be posting tomorrow and Thursday, and then every Friday. If I think of something to write between each Friday, I’ll make a post, but it won’t recap events during the game. It will most likely be things Balzac learns about his fellow adventurers, or thoughts that he’s had during his quest.

Anyways, stay tuned!

Balzac's Log: Prologue (Part One)
Balzac, Prologue (pt. 1)

Hello, Log! …I think I’ll call you something different, like, “Journal”… or “Tim”. The title of this will remain “Balzac’s Log” for comedic effect, but I think next time I’ll open with something different.

Anyways, I picked this up before journeying out of The Middle. I figured I should document everything I do so that when I’m old and senile I’ll be able to look back and remember things. Maybe that’s not the best reason, but hey, it was only fifty silver.

I suppose you’re wondering who I am, and why you should care to read this. By time you’ve read this, I’ll probably be famous… or infamous. Regardless, I’ll be known. People will learn to respect me as “The Great and Powerful Balzac”. Even if I don’t become famous, I hope this sells for more than fifty silver.

Growing up as a Half-Elf named Balzac certainly made my childhood interesting. Even though I was raised in The Middle, with others of my kind, I was never really part of the group. Not a single day went by where the name “Balzac” wasn’t whispered from one malicious, mischievious child to the next, only to be followed by laughter. And so, I had no friends. It sure made for a lonely up-bringing, but even loneliness has its benefits. With nobody to bother me, I became a studious monster, consuming knowledge as a staple of my diet. Going to class became a necessity. School became my passion, existing solely to provide me with further sustenance for my mind.

I graduated top of my class and was told I could go anywhere to study further. But I knew that the best education comes from real experiences. I declined all offers, packed a small bag with some bare essentials (as well as some books), and left.

And here we are.

One shot: "Gods" and thieves

Today we did a sidequest with Gabe and Terrence, with myself playing as a support cleric. We started out in a crowded alleyway and moved ourselves through a plaza towards the church. In the Church Lilith tried to hide her knife, but failed to do so and got kicked by the priest there. He was then attacked by cutthroats, which then were killed off by the group. We let one go, but not before interrogating him. He revealed to us his master was Derek Grimblade and so we slept and then went off to see this guy. We were able to talk our way in and talk to him, but he got us surrounded and then left. We were almost killed, but a smoke stick and acid got us away. We traveled away from the City over to the town of Keyrol, hometown of my Cleric, where we stayed several nights.

The End

The Great and Mighty Balzack

Today we simply created characters. We finished cole’s, gabe’s, and terrence’s character with only Balzack (Costa) didn’t finsish his. We had fun, especially when making jokes on Balzack’s name. Finnally, we ate pizza and drank coke.

Next season might be on the 19th, tommorrow at 2:00 if people are available.


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