[OoC] Hello!


Hey, I figured maybe a little introduction might be in order, so…

Hi! I’m Kosta, and I’ll be playing as “Balzac”. This is only my second time playing Dungeons and Dragons, but I’m well-seasoned in other branches of “Things that are nerdy but totally awesome”. Things like Magic [the Gathering], Dune, Star Trek (I’m typing this while watching some of the “Borg Fan Collective”), video games (old or new), Japanese… stuff (anime, manga, I’m learning Japanese for fun), automotive repairs, household repairs, building robots for the FIRST Robotics Competition (pretty much anything with tools), and reading [ba-dum, tish]. I say “reading” jokingly, but it’s what I want to focus on.

I’m in an AP Language class. Which might not mean much, but it probably means I read. And yeah, I read. I can sit down and read 500 pages in a day, but I usually don’t. Over last summer break, I read twenty-five books. And over winter break, I read nine books. So I kind of like to read.

Obviously, this makes me an excellent choice as the “logger” of this Campaign (as well as the wizard). I hope you all enjoy my posts as “Balzac”. I’ll be posting tomorrow and Thursday, and then every Friday. If I think of something to write between each Friday, I’ll make a post, but it won’t recap events during the game. It will most likely be things Balzac learns about his fellow adventurers, or thoughts that he’s had during his quest.

Anyways, stay tuned!


Crazymerc11GM Balzac

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