Balzac's Log, Entry #3

Balzac's Log, 3rd Entry

We all woke up late the next morning, and hurriedly gathered our things to head off to the train. I nearly fell to my doom as we ran down the stairs leaving the inn. Uther led the group and Thog remained in the back. We got to the station with a minute to spare, and the brass beast now lay before us. I wasn’t so sure anymore, “Are you sure it’s safe to get on this thing?” Uther just shouted back, “GET ON!” and so I quickly allowed myself to step onto the levitating train. The inside was extremely decorated; the chairs were comfortable beyond belief, the tables were solid brass with marble tops, and the windows were impeccably clean. Uther looked around as well, “Is that, a buffet?” He hurried towards the food and Thog followed closely behind him. I just sat down in my seat. Suddenly, a dark form manifested in the seat next to me on my right. “You’ve made it this far, good.” I barely stirred, “Hello, Wanderer. How are you?” He wasn’t listening, instead, he was looking out of the window, “I remember riding on the very first trains long ago; they were much less comfortable than this. It wasn’t as though they had…” He kept rambling on and on, and I decided to sleep.

We arrived at the station and departed from the train. There was a man in leather armor with a sign that read, “Balzac and Company”. I turned to face Uther and Thog (The wanderer had disappeared again), “Uther, do you think that’s our guide?” Uther looked amused, “How many other Balzac’s do you know?” It was a fair point. The tall, burly human saw us approach him, “You Balzac?” I nodded, “Hell of a name! Hell of a name. I’m Jim, nice to meet you.” He thrust his hand forward so quickly that it looked as though he wanted to rip my entrails out. I meekly took it and he furiously shoot my hand. “I’ll be taking you guys to the small town where you’ll gather information on the ruins. Then I’ll be staying there until you guys return.” Uther stepped forward, “Sounds great. Let’s go.”

We traveled for two days until we got to the villa. The guide left us at the town square. We’d have to ask around if we wanted any details on the ruins. Uther was sent out to find out what he could, and Thog took our extra bags to an inn. I decided to go to the inn and sleep until Uther got back with our details.


Crazymerc11GM Balzac

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