Balzac's Log: Prologue (Part One)

Balzac, Prologue (pt. 1)

Hello, Log! …I think I’ll call you something different, like, “Journal”… or “Tim”. The title of this will remain “Balzac’s Log” for comedic effect, but I think next time I’ll open with something different.

Anyways, I picked this up before journeying out of The Middle. I figured I should document everything I do so that when I’m old and senile I’ll be able to look back and remember things. Maybe that’s not the best reason, but hey, it was only fifty silver.

I suppose you’re wondering who I am, and why you should care to read this. By time you’ve read this, I’ll probably be famous… or infamous. Regardless, I’ll be known. People will learn to respect me as “The Great and Powerful Balzac”. Even if I don’t become famous, I hope this sells for more than fifty silver.

Growing up as a Half-Elf named Balzac certainly made my childhood interesting. Even though I was raised in The Middle, with others of my kind, I was never really part of the group. Not a single day went by where the name “Balzac” wasn’t whispered from one malicious, mischievious child to the next, only to be followed by laughter. And so, I had no friends. It sure made for a lonely up-bringing, but even loneliness has its benefits. With nobody to bother me, I became a studious monster, consuming knowledge as a staple of my diet. Going to class became a necessity. School became my passion, existing solely to provide me with further sustenance for my mind.

I graduated top of my class and was told I could go anywhere to study further. But I knew that the best education comes from real experiences. I declined all offers, packed a small bag with some bare essentials (as well as some books), and left.

And here we are.


Crazymerc11GM Balzac

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