Balzac's Log: Prologue (Part Three)

Balzac, Prologue (pt. 3)

I think I’ve found an adventure to embark upon, Journal.

I was hiking through a densely wooded area, but soon found myself to be quite lost. It wasn’t as though I was going anywhere specifically, but it had become increasingly obvious that I’d started to make circles in my path. Certainly I could have easily remedied the issue by making small indicative marks every few meters, but I was exhausted from walking all day. So, I decided it was time to take a short nap.

When I woke up, I saw another Half-Elf like myself relaxing to my right on the bough of a large tree. My vision focused more, and I noticed she was eating something. Then it dawned on me: “HEY! THAT’S MY LUNCH!” She barely seemed to take notice of my objection as she ate the last bite. “Hi,” she replied, “I’m watching your ass, because you thought it’d be a great idea to sleep near a well-traveled road.” She casually slipped off of the branch and landed before me, “Aren’t you going to thank me for saving your life?” she asked. “You ATE MY LUNCH!” I was furious. Again, she hardly even acknowledged my pitiful outcry of frustration. She sighed, “Whatever, I’m Lilith.” she extended her hand, I shook it, “I’m Balzac, and I’m still mad about my lu-” I barely got the words out before she burst into laughter, “BALZAC?!? YOUR NAME IS BAL-ZAC?!?” She nearly collapsed as she shook with laughter. I waited for her to calm down and gathered my belongings. She finally returned to her previous demeanor, though now with a dazzling smile, “Well, Balzac, I’m heading off to meet some people just outside these woods. Would you like to join me?” She waited intently for my reply, “Alright, but only if I get to practice my magic along the way.” Her expression changed to one of curious amusement, “A wizard, eh?” And we chatted aimlessly while she led me out of the forest.


Crazymerc11GM Balzac

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