One shot: "Gods" and thieves

Today we did a sidequest with Gabe and Terrence, with myself playing as a support cleric. We started out in a crowded alleyway and moved ourselves through a plaza towards the church. In the Church Lilith tried to hide her knife, but failed to do so and got kicked by the priest there. He was then attacked by cutthroats, which then were killed off by the group. We let one go, but not before interrogating him. He revealed to us his master was Derek Grimblade and so we slept and then went off to see this guy. We were able to talk our way in and talk to him, but he got us surrounded and then left. We were almost killed, but a smoke stick and acid got us away. We traveled away from the City over to the town of Keyrol, hometown of my Cleric, where we stayed several nights.

The End


We traveled the the hometown of the cleric where Terrence immediently made an enemy of everyone in the town.

One shot: "Gods" and thieves
Crazymerc11GM Crazymerc11GM

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